MIRYADI is present in your life with countless opportunities, trustworthly services and more, to TRULY care for those you love.



We offer private lessons, one on one, online, for students at all levels and ages for: Math, Physics, Biology, Science, Chemistry, English, French, Italian, Latin, Greek,Philosophy, Psychology, History, Geography, Art and Music – Miriadi can!

domestic care for children


Our caregivers are at your disposal for babysitting services, homework, tutoring (at any school level), transportation from home to school and vice versa. If needed, we can find specialized caregivers for special care. Remember – Miryadi can!

domestic care pet sitter


For daily walks or if you need a pet sitter to take care of your best animal friends, our assistants are ready to help. From transport or pet sitting when you travel for vacation or work…
Miriadi can!

domestic care


Feeling overwhelmed by everyday domestic needs? Our caregivers can help by providing house cleaning, washing and ironing, grocery shopping and small errands. Looking for plumbers and electricians or do you need help with a maintenance project? Miryadi can!
And don’t worry about leaving your house unattended while traveling – our trusted caregivers can stay at your home or just check in periodically to make sure that everything is ok.
Miryadi can!

domestic care for elderly


Life and its commitments can create anxiety and stress. Our assistants are ready to give you peace and tranquility by taking care of you when you need it most.
From personal care to home care, from cooking, washing and ironing, shopping and taking care of small errands, Miryadi can! Do you need assistance for the elderly? Miryadi can! Interested in a personal trainer or learning how to use the computer?
Miryadi can!
Need to organize a birthday or wedding party? Our team is always ready to give you a hand.
Miryadi can!


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FAQs for Families

How does MIRYADI work?

Our team selects each Caregiver according to who will best suit your needs.
Because we want families and clients to feel save and in good hands, each Caregiver must pass and aptitude test and a criminal background check.This is because we want clients, whether an individual or a family, to feel safe and in good hands.
Finding help through word of mouth can be a “hit and miss” proposition. You may not know what kind of background the other party has or if they are trustworthy.
*connect to our site: miryadi.com
*evaluate the assistant best suited for you
*choose your date and time
With MIRYADI all payments are made by credit card, no cash!
And if you want to book the same assistant again you can do it!

Can I contact the caregiver before he/she arrives?

Sure and we encourage it. Send us an email and we will contact your selected Caregiver.
We also encourage you to add 30 minutes on your first appointment to get to know your Caregiver and to introduce them to your house and any special circumstances.

Should I provide products or tools for cleaning or caring for family members and pets?

Yes. The customer provides products for cleaning as part of the reservation to ensure that they choose the products that best suit their request. For special “handyman” or other maintenance related requests, our Caregivers will provide their own tools.

How to be a MIRYADI family member

We at MIRYADI understand that no person or family is the same as the next. That’s why we do everything to give you the right Caregiver to support you in the best way possible.
Below you find a small guide to help you facilitate a smooth and rewarding relationship with your Caregiver:
Communication is very important: We recommend that you also give us an emergency contact number if for various reasons we cannot reach you at your telephone number.

Put your house in order: This is probably the first time a Caregiver visits your home. It’s a good practice to tidy up before your Caregiver arrives. This will help them navigate and understand your home and give you maximum service.

Say goodbye. At the end of their task, talk to Caregiver and ask if everything went well before he/she leaves your home. It’s good to have a little feedback and everyone appreciates good manners.

How is my reservation closed?

Go to your personal page. You will find your service listed in “standby” mode. Confirm that your service has been completed. After confirmation, your transaction amount will be charged to your credit card.
Remember. If you forget or don’t close your service, it will be automatically closed by the system within 12 hours and the transaction amount will be charged to your credit card.

What happens if the Caregiver doesn't show up?

Should this inconvenience occur, call us at this number: +35627781590 from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00, or write to the address: admin@miryadi.com within 20 minutes of the scheduled time for the service: one of our operators will propose you the “last minute” service (if available) or the issuing of a voucher for future uses

Can the customer leave a rating of the Caregiver?

Absolutely! We encourage your feedback so that we will be able to provide the best service possible. Once your service is closed, you can assign from 1 to 5 stars depending on your degree of satisfaction, and you will be asked 4 simple questions specifying the reasons of your evaluation.

Does MIRYADI have a Customer Service department?

Yes. MIRYADI wants all of its customers to be satisfied. Your care is our mission!
Our customer service can help you to manage reservations even if you don’t have a computer or access to our website. Call this number: +35627781590 from 9:00 to 18:00, or email us at this address: admin@miryadi.com

Is MIRYADI responsible for the Caregivers?

We do not introduce or supply Caregivers to you, nor do we select or propose specific Caregivers to you or clients to Caregivers. Through our site, Caregivers may post profiles describing the services they provide as well as their experience, training, qualifications and related information. Due to the difficulty of verifying information over the Internet, we do not and cannot reasonably verify that Caregivers have the experience, training, qualifications and authorizations they claim to have in their profiles. Our business model also makes it unreasonable for us to perform reference checks on Caregivers or confirm that they are suitable to work with the persons they apply to work for (e.g., children and older people). Any screening of a client or Caregiver and his or her information by us through verification checks, as further described in the Terms of service, or otherwise, is limited and should not be taken as complete, accurate, up-to-date or conclusive of the individual’s or the entity’s suitability as a service provider. Furthermore, we do not have control over the quality, timing, or legality of the services actually delivered by Caregivers, nor of the integrity, responsibility or actions of Caregivers. We do not make any representations about the suitability, reliability, timeliness, and accuracy of the services provided by Caregivers or the integrity, responsibility or actions of Caregivers whether in public, private or offline interactions. Content generated on the Site is primarily user generated, and we do not control, review or vet such content in any way.

Can I test the MIRYADI services without subscribing?

Sure! Registration is free and will last one month during which you can use the services offered by Caregivers: at the end of the trial month you can decide whether to subscribe by signing the plan that best suits your needs.


If for any reason you have to cancel your booking, you can do it within 24 hours before the time of the scheduled appointment by contacting us at: admin@miryadi.com, or call us at: +35627781590
Failure to notify us will cause the entire amount of the booking to be charged to your credit card.

FAQs for Caregivers

How does MIRYADI work?

Through our platform, clients can browse the site and screen which Caregiver is available, evaluate their resume, recommendations and ratings.
MIRYADI is the best way for Caregivers to find work – we do it for you!
The Caregiver decides where, when and how much they want to work.
Our systemmakes it easy to associate with MIRYADI.
Send your resume to: team@miryadi.com and you will be contacted to arrange an interview. After passing the interview, you will be given a link to a page where you can create your personal profile with your data, resume and your applicable experience. MIRYADI will then insert your profile into the user selection page. Then you are off to the races!

Tell us what your travel distance requirements are and how many hours in advance that you want to be notified for an eventual appointment.
When the client has chosen the Caregiver, MIRYADI will contact you and give you all the information about the client and the request made.
It is imperative that a Caregiver answers a request as quickly as possible.

Let us know if you are also available for calls at the last minute or for emergencies.
This could be an extra work opportunity.

If for any reason you cannot attend the job that has been booked for you, be sure to let us know immediately by phone or email, so that we may service the client with another Caregiver.
Remember, cancellations by Caregivers create great inconvenience for the customer and may cause a drop in your reputation and reliability ratings among our customers.
Please be careful: More than 2 cancellations in 90 days will lead to the automatic suspension of your account for 30 days.

MIRYADI also simplifies payments.
All the transactions take place without cash payments and we have a prearranged price list. This will avoid embarrassing disagreements and compromises.
All payments that go through MIRYADI will be immediately displayed in your Wallet and will be paid into your bank account at the end of the service.

How can I receive more bookings?

In MIRYADI we are aware that starting out can be difficult.
Here are some tips to increase your chances:
1) Keep your availability up to date, in fact many of the assistants with more appointments keep their calendar updated daily. Pay attention to your schedule, think about the daily necessities of your potential customers.
2) Make sure your profile stands out better than the others. You can also load a small video where the customer can get to know you even faster.
3) Be available for last minute opportunities: many families may find themselves in difficulties and they may need immediate help. This could be a good start to make your name known.
4) Always be kind and polite! Good manners bring good results and increase your rating.
5) If you have given your availability to receive last minute calls, remember that any requests from the customer will be considered automatically accepted, therefore we advise you to always check your actual availability to receive calls of this type and to remove the flag in case your availability is not guaranteed.

How can I become a 5-star caregiver?

1) Be punctual at the appointments. This is the best way to start the relationship.
2) Present yourself neat and proper, with a professional presence. Be kind and friendly. Remember, the client has chosen YOU. They can’t wait to meet you, as much as you can’t wait to meet them.
3) Know your clients, be they a single person or a family and confirm their needs and expectations.
4) Keep your attention on the assignment. Don’t spend your time on your cellphone.
5) Arrive prepared for your assignment.
6) Even if it’s better not to spend time on your cellphone, always keep it ready in case of emergency calls, i.e. if a client or MIRYADI needs to get in touch with you.
7) Always be aware of what is happening around you during your appointment. Make sure to alert the client to anything important – especially if you deal with elderly, children or pets.

Can I bring a friend or pet to my work appointment?

Caregivers cannot bring a companion or a pet to the work appointment.

What are the characteristics and expectations of a MIRYADI Caregiver?

Clients that use MIRYADI, expect the highest quality of service.MIRYADI is committed to giving it to them.
In order for a Caregiver to continue to have a MIRYADI profile, he/she must meet quality expectations which include:
1) The caregiver must maintain a high reliability with a minimum rating of cancellations.
2) Must maintain a high rating for their services rendered.
3) He/she must be responsible for maintaining an appropriate and professional presence in social media.
4) No discussions of our Clients is permitted. All Client information and circumstances are CONFIDENTIAL.
Caregivers who do not meet these expectations, will be cancelled from future job opportunities on the platform.

Do I have to pay taxes?

Remember: you need to have a VAT number and we always advise you to contact your consultant.
MIRYADI will take care of issuing, at the end of the service, a receipt (or invoice if you have a VAT number) in your name and in the name of the customer, and will send you a copy of it that you can use in your annual income taxes.

What is my payment if the customer cancels the reservation?

If a customer cancels the reservation on the same day of the appointment (and you haven’t been booked by someone else) we will pay you for the missed service.

What happens if my account is deactivated?

After 30 days from the cancellation, you can request that your account be reactivated. In order to do that, contact us by e-mail or telephone specifying why your account has been cancelled and what you intend to do so that won’t happen again. Our team will evaluate your request.

How is a reservation closed?

Go to your personal page. You will find your service listed in “standby” mode. Confirm that your service has been completed. When both you and the client have closed the service, your payment will be automatically downloaded from your “wallet” and sent to the bank details you entered on your personal page.
Remember that if you don’t indicate the closure of the service, it will automatically be closed by the system 12 hours after the presumed end of the service.

Safety guide for the Caregiver:

If you are looking for a job that will bring you extra income, and if you want to meet clients and families who need people like you, MIRYADI is the right place. The important thing is to always have your safety in mind.
When you are in contact with a client, always keep in mind that it’s not possible to do a background check on them. It is always advisable that all communications take place through MIRYADI’s web site. Never give your surname, personal email address, address or personal financial information.
At the appointment, go there with your own transport and tell someone in your family or friends where you have gone. Let them know the address and when you expect to be back.
If client or member of a client household asks you to do something beyond the original request, or that makes you uncomfortable, kindly remind them of the agreement taken through MIRYADI.

Is MIRYADI responsible for the clients?

We do not introduce Clients to you, nor do we select or propose specific Clients to you. Through our site, Clients may post profiles describing the services they require as well as some information about themselves. Due to the difficulty of verifying information over the Internet, we do not and cannot reasonably verify that information posted by Clients is accurate. Our business model also makes it unreasonable for us to perform reference checks on Clients or confirm that they are suitable to work for. Any screening of a client or Client and his or her information by us through verification checks, as further described in the Terms of service, or otherwise, is limited and should not be taken as complete, accurate, up-to-date or conclusive of the individual’s or the entity’s suitability as an employer. We do not make any representations about the suitability, reliability, integrity, responsibility or actions of Clients whether in public, private or offline interactions. Content generated on the Site is primarily user generated, and we do not control, review or vet such content in any way.


No employer pays in advance for work not yet done.

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